Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tragedy at the Wrath Gate

My love,

By the time you are reading this, you will have heard what happened at the Wrath Gate. You should also have heard that I am alive and well. I hope you were not too distressed for long since you knew that I had been in Dragonblight for the last several days. I cannot write much now, but I have a great deal of news to tell of.

While physically unharmed by the event, I am otherwise shaken. A few days ago, I actually caught up with Bolvar Fordragon while working for the Vanguard. Knowing of my recent work at the Wyrmrest temple, he sent me to Alexstrasza for guidance on dealing with scourge frost wyrms that were keeping his forces away from the gate. After assisting her with removing a scourge leader and stopping the wrym attacks, I returned to Fordragon with the news. Shortly after that, he began the assault on the gate while I was left to guard the alliance camp. From the high hills of Fordragon hold I watched the battle unfold. So much death...but of the loss of Bolvar and the surprise attack by the undead you have already heard.

What you may not yet know is who is actually responsible. Stormwind has been slow to release any more information about it. Blame has been immediately placed on Sylvanas and the horde; even Arthas seemed to think they were behind this. But now I believe I know otherwise. When the battle was over, the few alliance forces that were left at camp with me scattered in terror. I ran down to the gate where Alexstrasza had contained the plague to see if anyone had survived - I found no one. She asked me to return Bolvar's shield to the king and sent me by portal. Once there, he sent me with Jaina Proudmoore to speak with the horde leaders in Orgrimmar.

From Thrall and Sylvanas, we heard a shocking revelation of betrayal. The horde have lost the Undercity! Two leaders in the city defected and took a large amount of undead with them. King Wrynn still seems to hold the horde responsible. I'm not entirely sure what to believe myself. An alliance army has quickly been formed to invade and retake the city, and I have been asked to assist them. I write to you now from a camp just outside of the sewers of the Undercity. We are ready to attack in a couple of hours. I expect there will be great resistance, but with such a powerful force including the king and Jaina herself, I am sure will achieve victory and justice for what happened at the Wrath Gate. I disagree with Wrynn on the city, though; it is certainly nothing worth retaking in its current state. The undead have made it unfit even as historical ruins.

I must go now to prepare for the Battle for the Undercity. From here, I will likely travel on to the Grizzly Hills. I have heard it is quiet there, and I wish to try and ease my mind away from these tragic events. I shall write to you again when I arrive. I hope Darnassus is treating you well, and I still plan on visiting next month.

With love,